• Expert teachers

    Our expert teachers are proficient at creating an optimal classroom climate for learning

  • Quality Education

    We provide all learners with capabilities they require to develop sustainable livelihoods to peaceful and democratic societies.

  • Learning Support

    we provide resources, strategies, and practices that provide physical, social, emotional, and intellectual supports to our students

  • Scholarship

    we provide financial aid to student on a certain basis, usually primarily academic merit


EDUCARESSS is a multi-award-winning school offering a curriculum that nurtures 21st-century skills. EDUCARESSS schools in Assam emphasizes equally on personality and skill development along with academic excellence. EDUCARESSS' schools in Assam has a core mission to shape the students as Global citizens and role models of the system.

  • Holistic Education Framework

    Ours is a dynamic educational framework aimed at fostering all-round development of students through an integrated, holistic approach to leanings

  • Universal Values and Ethics

    Our emphasis is not just academic excellence, but we also nurture our students emotionally and spiritually.

  • Skill Development

    Our Smart campuse focuses on giving students platforms for skill development which form an additional layer of expertise for their educational portfolio.

Learning is Empowerment

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In educaresss school, your kid will experience high quality education, growth possibilities, cultural exposure, outstanding teachers and a thriving infrastructure. To provide your children with a high-quality education with infinity growth possibilities, let’s join our hands together.